What are landing pages?

  • 4 October 2022
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Hello, I have a question :) What are landing pages?

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Landing pages are SALESmanago Marketing Automation solution for creating a landing page or dynamic content on a website. The use of landing pages varies from a small banner or button via a pop-up recommendation system, to a complex dynamic menu page.

Landing pages can be placed on a webpage in two ways: as a window iframe, as a pop-up. Iframes are part of a webpage, located on a different server than the rest of the site.

Iframes are used mostly for posting advertising banners. SALESmanago uses them to post dynamic content within a web page.

Landing pages can use the same contact information and contact behaviour on the site.  So you can, for example, display a banner with a greeting: “Hello Steven”. The name is taken from the contact details.