What can be done to increase email deliverability?

  • 14 February 2022
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What can I do to increase my email deliverability?

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The deliverability of emails sent from SALESmanago is affected by many different factors - from the actual structure and quality of the mailing list,  the design of the emails, to the role of the providers and the email itself. Below are some of the most important examples:


  • Contacts to whom the newsletter is sent must be obtained in an appropriate manner. Consent must be informed and voluntary. Consent should not be concealed and the customer should be able to uncheck consent in their profile at any time.

  • The database should be verified, so it is recommended to use double opt-in. By using this procedure we can be sure that the contact consciously wants to receive e-mail communication from you.

To authenticate an email address when sending mailings and to confirm the authenticity of a sent email, SPF and DKIM records must be configured.

More about SPF and DKIM configuration here.

  • It's a good practise to target all communication to people who might actually be interested in it. Therefore, from the very beginning, the contact database should be properly segmented (both on the basis of behavior on the website, transactions, and reactions to previous campaigns). 

Find out ways to assing and use tagging:

  • It is also worth to optimize the design of the message. Keep the right proportions (it is recommended to use 60% text and 40% graphics), and create responsive messages. Additionally, it's beneficial to avoid capital letters in the subject line of the message. It also needs to be mentioned that legallyany contact receiving a marketing email communication must be able to easily unsubscribe from  that email marketing communication.

We recommend a review of the  the list of words that can cause lower deliverability: 

  • When scheduling the first SALESmanago mailings remember to send them to smaller groups of recipients in order to "warm up" the IP address. 

Information about how to "warm up" IP addresses can be found here:

  • Database quality is a very important aspect of the email marketing deliverability. A check and a cleaning process should be performed systematically. It should include (but not be limited to) removing hard-bounced contacts and invalid contacts.

More information can be found here: