E-mail marketing - conversion data in Email Analytics

I would love to see some basic conversion data in Email Analytics report view - Conversion Rate and Revenue. It would help to compare send-outs in one glance, without being forced to rewrite the data to an excel sheet.
I hope you’ll consider this update - the data is already there, waiting to be seen. :)
Thank you, 


Hi Justyna!


If I understand correctly, you would like to have an export option along with the revenue generated by the newsletters for your chosen time-frame? 


We don’t currently support the option to export sales analytics from the level of the UI, it can be done through custom exports, but I think this has great potential and place in our feedback - which I see you have posted, let’s try and generate some engagement on there and see whether others would also find this useful - you have my vote!

Hello Anna, 

Yes, an export would be useful, but my initial thought was to present sales metrics in the report table itself. We could then easily compare sales effectiveness of our newsletters.
Thank you for your feedback and your support! :)

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