Panel for managing preferences/consent

Related section: Customer Data Platform

Does SALESmanago maybe provide a feature for convenient management of preferences/contacts. Such functionality would facilitate data acquisition and enable even more precise personalization based on zero-party data.

Customer Preference Center is exactly the solution you are looking for!

It allows you to:

  • Discover your customers’ preferences by collecting their zero-party data: all Personal data knowingly, actively, and voluntarily provided by customers to the business for marketing purposes
  • Enrich customer information and complete a 360° profile with additional information and preference sets
  • Collect a variety of zero-party data sets that can be fully customized to meet your needs
  • Create a space for your contacts to store and manage all their preferences and consents. This can be updated through various polls, pop-ups and forms on your website. That way, you can ask them all kinds of questions to discover their preferences

You may use it for segmentation, tailoring recommendations, and consent management amongst many others.


You can read all about it here: