Is live music dead? Let's talk about it! 🎶

  • 7 April 2022
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Hello eveyone! 😀

Some time ago, I heard that live music is dying and that Spotify or Youtube is enough and people don't need live music nowadays. I was so surprised because I see a lot of my friend's pic and videos from concerts and music festivals. I see big crowds at the Pol'n'Rock Festival, Męskie Granie, Opener, and so on. 🎤🎸

I love live music, it has a wonderful climate and gives an expression that non of music streaming service can give. You can "meet" the artist, listen to what he has to say, create incredible memories and meet new people. 😍 I'm traveling to see my fav artists and I think it's a fantastic experience and occasion to spend time with friends to good music. 😎

And what do you think? Are you a concert type of person or maybe Spotify is enough for you? 🎧

2 replies

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I think that the COVID pandemic changed a lot in this matter… People got used to sitting at home. ;) But this should change as soon as all restrictions are lifted, at least so I should hope. :D I don’t believe apps will ever replace live music - after all, just like you said, live events are not only about music, but also seeing the artist in person and meeting people. And you get to spiff up! ;)

Unless, of course, we all move to Metaverse and change into half-zombies - I guess some would want that, especially Zuckerberg. xD


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I prefer small concerts of local bands and I see that now they’re going back after the pandemic period, so I’m happy :)