May long weekend -where did the name "maj贸wka" come from

  • 13 April 2023
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May Day is celebrated not only in Poland.聽May 1, as Labor Day, inaugurates the beginning of the summer season almost all over Europe. In fact, this holiday is celebrated in most countries of the world. In Poland, the first days of May are both public holidays and an eagerly awaited time off. Some emphasize this special moment with red and white flags. Others focus on relaxation.

- The word MAYDAY (MAJ脫WKA in polish)聽used to mean a wreath made of a young fir tree, decorated with ribbons, which a boy would put in front of the house of a chosen girl. This wreath was usually put up in May - on the night before the first or third of May, or before the first Sunday of May, or on the night of Pentecost.

Over time, the name also came to mean a trip out of town, not necessarily in May, but always in the warm seasons - spring or summer, often combined with fun or dancing.

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