Detail filter behaviour on External Event in AR - contains / exact

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Good morning.


Today I want to share an Idea regarding “New external Event occurred” event and condition on Automation rules. This feature was there in the past and somehow it was lost.


I’m referring to the behaviour of the filter “detail”. In the past when you put a string in there, the system searched for “contains” that value but right now it works as “exactly.


For example we want to trigger a different abandoned cart if the cart contains a product of a specific brand (in detail 1 we put a comma separated string containing all the brands containend in the cart), so we would put the name of the brand and trigger it if the string contains that value.


Considering that in the past it worked this way and you changed it, maybe some client asked you to make it work as “exact value”, so I suggest you to add a radio button to make the user chose how he wants to work.


See my example screen.


Thanks a lot, Samuel.




Dear Samuel,


Thank you very much for bringing this topic to our attention. I have already submitted that case to our R&D department as a proposal and potential improvement of this functionality. Opinions of our clients regarding the development of the system are extremely important to us, as it allows us to constantly meet your expectations. If we decide to reintroduce such a solution, we will inform you immediately.


Best regards,

Dear Samuel,


I am writing with new information about your feedback. After considering your suggestions, we recommend the use of workflow in the case described, as it is completely applicable.


The event or condition in the workflow "New external Event occurred" refers to the addition of a new contact details with a given name and value. Details can be manually added to the contact card, the API system form/pop-up, as well as rules of automation. In the event you can provide the name of the change and the value that is taken.


To define the detail value field for numeric values we use the numerical mathematical operator “=”, if the change has a value equal to the preset number. Similarly, “<” and “>”, to values “less than or greater”. In other cases we use „~” when the phrase in the rule is the part or whole value on the contact card (e.g. the phrase “alpha” for a detail “alphabet” on the contact card). For variable-numeric characters use “~”, which will result in the triggering of the automation. If the phrase specified in the automation is the same as the value, for example, value,”gender”. If you do not want to check the value and only add a detail, leave the default “-” sign. Only one incident per detail and value. You can if necessary, make several parallel events.

IMPORTANT: A value with the “=” sign sometimes recognizes fragments of detail value as well, for example, if detail value is set to 2, it may also recognize the number 23.
In such situations, the prefix “ex” (eg detail value = ex: 2) is helpful. This ensures that only the desired value is taken into account.


Within Automation Rules, we do not plan to make any changes at this time. In addition, as a reminder, I have included tutorials from our help page that describe how the "Contact has an external event assigned" condition works using Automation Rules as an example, as well as helpful tutorials related to this topic.


Best Regards,

Marcin Gruczyński