Loyalty Program Improvements

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Hi all.


I want to share some improvements for the Loyalty Program feature because I think it’s a bit limited right now, but before doing it I want to share an opinion.


When you implement a loyalty program in your business, your goal is to engage your customer base and make them loyal customers. To do that it’s not enough to track points / segment in tiers and send emails about the status but a good visualization is needed to engage customers.


Here some suggestions:

  • create a module to visualize the loyalty program status (or improve API to gain much more data). In this way a customer can login in his private panel and check:
    • how many points he has
    • in which tier he is
    • which purchases / events gave him points
    • when his points will expire
    • which advantages he has (here it’s not a SM matter)
  • improve integrations with e-commerce (for your standard plugins). Right now SALESmanago Loyalty program can track your points and tiers but if you want to make the advantages gained by tiers in ecommerce you have to build a custom integration (using API and webhooks for example)

I think that if you could improve the feature or at least make more powerful APIs (for example right now you can’t know how many points are expiring soon) the tool will be much more powerful.


Thanks, Samuel.

Good afternoon,


Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. I have already submitted that case to our R&D department as a proposal and potential improvement of this functionality. Opinions of our clients regarding the development of the system are extremely important to us, as it allows us to constantly meet your expectations. If we decide to introduce such a solution, we will inform you immediately.


Best Regards,

Marcin Gruczyński