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Hello guys, I’m opening this topic to ask if it should be possible to add a new condition in Automation Rules and/or Workflows.


The condition should compare two (or more) tag scoring to follow a different branch according to the higher one.


Usually I create tags to track contact interests: when a contact visits a category, interact with a content on emails related to that category and so on gain some scoring in that tags. Higher is the value of the tag scoring of that category and more is the interest on it.


So for example I have a situation like this:

  • INTERESTED_CAT_HATS [10 points]

At this point on my workflows or automation rules I want to be able to check which of my tags has the higher tag scoring to send a custom email with selected products of that category (or maybe a dynamic email with product o that category).


I think this could be a great improvement of your system.


Bye, Samuel.

Hello Samuel!

Thank you for the accurate suggestions from your side. We are constantly trying to improve our system and make it easier to meet the expectations of our customers. I will forward  this matter to the internal department, which is responsible for the preparation and introduction of new functionalities so system.


Kind regards,

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