Mother nature knows best what is best for US

  • 6 February 2023
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No matter how many dietary supplements you implement into your daily routine, the most important is  the quality of them.

When I first heard about adaptogens (during a training session with Majka), I didn't even know the word. 
So I decided to delve deeper into the subject and do some reading on the Internet. In simple terms, adaptogens are extracts from natural, non-toxic plants.💚

 Depending on the needs and specific problems, their action varies. Their common goal is to adapt the organism to life in unfavorable environmental conditions and reduce stress.🙏

In the beginiing I was skeptical to this "invention", however day by day I’m observing positive effects. In addition, in combination with a balanced diet, physical activity upposedly works sensationally, but this is still to be tested because I’ve been using it for less than a month. 

I chose combination of Queen&Ashwaganda 🙌😍

What will be your choice?🤗

👉🏻If you don't know, you can always take a test:


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