dentsu’s CPG 2030: Consumer Goods Brands’ Marketing Transformation in the Next Decade

dentsu’s CPG 2030: Consumer Goods Brands’ Marketing Transformation in the Next Decade
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Hi everyone! If you’re looking for a really interesting thing to read, check out THIS REPORT.

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The analysis is based on findings from dentu’s The Age of Inclusive Intelligence report, aimed at identifying the long-term consumer trends that will shape how brands need to evolve their go-to-market strategies from here on out towards 2030.

The Age of Inclusive Intelligence discusses four macro-forces that will inform the evolution of consumer behaviors throughout this decade: Universal Activism, Synthetic Society, Bigger, Bolder Brands, and the Human Dividend. Each “force” is comprised of three trends that are likely to have a level of impact on the sector concerned – but maybe also on other sectors…?


Force 01

Universal Activism

• Acclimatize Now • A New Data Paradigm • Kaleido-identity

In the 2010s, brands obsessed about meeting consumer needs. But the term ‘consumer’ is itself too narrow a concept. In the 2020s, brands will need to reconceive of their customers as activists, driven by a new range of influences and causes.


Force 02

Synthetic Society

• Beyond Human • Virtual Sets the Standard • Tech Togetherness

In the 2010s, consumers and brands alike have placed a premium on natural products and ways of living. In the 2020s, we’ll see a widespread embrace of synthetic enhancements and virtual experiences.


Force 03

Bigger, Bolder Brands

• Rise of the Titan Brands • Every Brand is a Health Brands • 5-star Citizens

Over the last decade, consumers have become more empowered, with increasing choice and the ability to engage with brands on their own terms. In the 2020s, the focus will shift to how brands can help meet consumers’ needs more effectively across all aspects of daily life.


Force 04

The Human Dividend

• What Robots Can’t Do • Objective-free Play • Emotion Trumps Objectivity

In the 2010s, we focused on integrating digital technologies into the everyday aspects of our lives and of business operations. In the 2020s, attention will shift towards those traits and capabilities that make us human, leading to a renewed celebration of what makes us unique.

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