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Hi all.


We want to create an automation that checks if you have a birthdate saved in CDP and if not add a tag. The problem is that doesn't exist any condition that allow me to do this.


We can do it easily by Manage contact but we want something automatic.


The final goal is to create a popup that is active for contacts that doesn't have a birthdate to avoid showing it to those having it.


I think this could be a great improvement of AR.


To summaryze, I suggest to add a new condition as “Has a birthday saved”?


Bye, Samuel.

Thank you very much for your feedback and your time. I have forwarded your feedback to our R&D department as a potential improvement to this functionality. The continuous development of the system and the feedback from our customers is extremely important to us, as it allows us to continually meet your expectations. Of course, if we decide to introduce such a solution, we will inform you about it immediately. 

Best regards, 

Gabriela Zabdyr

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