Indicators CTR and CTOR

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I have a little problem to understand how you count CTR and why in this way in e-mail marketing. Every definition that i know and i found says that CTR is ratio of clicks and views. In system i see that your CTR is ratio of clicks and sends and ratio of clicks and views are CTOR. But on Web push analytics i see CTR which is ratio of clicks and views. Please standardize this or for example delete CTR indicator because in my opinion is useless in e-mail marketing analytics. The real indicator that shows the effective of the e-mail is CTOR. 

Dear Adrianna,


Thank you very much for bringing this topic to our attention. I have already submitted that case to our R&D department as a proposal and potential improvement of this functionality. Opinions of our clients regarding the development of the system are extremely important to us, as it allows us to constantly meet your expectations. If we decide to make changes to these statistics, we will inform you immediately.


Kind regards,

Marcin Gruczyński