[New editor] Some suggestions

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A few days ago I started to use the new editor. I have some suggestions to improve it further:
- set, for the text, a common style, applied to the whole layout - e.g. able to set a font-family at the layout level (body settings) would allow to optimize the time, instead of always having to change the text setting in each block (font-family, font-size, color, etc.).
- In the text styles, in addition to the plain text, the various heading tags (from 1 to 6) are available, but I don't understand if the styles of the various heading tags can be customized globally - I assume not, because in the body settings I don't see any such option.
- Assign a custom name to the sections inserted in the template.
- Edit in HTML each element/widget inserted in the template. I've seen there is only the option to generate the HTML of the whole template, without the possibility to edit it in the editor.

Thank you in advance :-)


Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention. I have already submitted that case to our R&D department as a proposal and potential improvement of this functionality in our new Email Design Studio. Opinions of our clients regarding the development of the system are extremely important to us, as it allows us to constantly meet your expectations. If we decide to introduce such a solution, we will inform you immediately.


Best Regards,

Marcin Gruczyński 

Hello Marcin, thank you for your kind reply :-)