Possibility to see timestamp (hh:mm) of provided/declined consent in "Consents List"

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There is a need to see not only date, but also a time stamp (hh:mm) when a certain consent was provided or declined by the customer in „Consents list“ panel.   Please find example screenshot attached: 

This information is very important for customer care consultants. 

Please, consider a possibility to display consent provision time info. 

Thank you - 

Dear Ingrida,


Thank you very much for bringing this topic to our attention. I have already submitted that case to our R&D department as a proposal and potential improvement of this functionality. Opinions of our clients regarding the development of the system are extremely important to us, as it allows us to constantly meet your expectations. If we decide to introduce such a solution, we will inform you immediately.


Marcin Gruczyński 


Thank you very much for taking care! 

regards -