The friendliest country in the world

  • 22 April 2022
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With the weekend just around the corner we definitely get more into the holiday-planning-mood, especially after so many winter months.

In this article The Travel writes why Portugal  is considered the friendliest country in the world


So who’s with me on this one? Let the summer holiday planning begin 💃🏽

read > absorb > dream > plan > execute ⛱️


What’s your holiday destination this year? 


8 replies

Maybe something more exotic... Oman claimed 7th rank - that is where I would like to go!

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Portugal sounds good :) I’d love to go to Portugal or Spain. But a weekend in Norway would also be nice - the Lofoten! <3

This is more like my kind of ranking 😁 - Italy it is!!

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Ania, what kind of doggy do you have? I have a golden retriever <3 And once we took him on holiday to Croatia. By car. When he was still a puppy. Those were hard times :D, but also happy!!! He loves swimming and he just loved the sea.

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This year probably Qatar and the FIFA World Cup :) 

@DagmaraL mine is a shepherd x pittie mix, he’s almost grown out of his puppy phase but I still can't imagine him making it all the way abroad :o Sounds absolutely amazing though!!

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Maybe Argentina? Football and party ⚽



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@Anna Machay  So your dog is also a big one. Good. xD Well, if he likes swimming, I certainly recommend taking him to the seaside. Mine was crazy happy when he could run on the beach. <3


@Kamil Lesniak, @Jakub Sieprawski 

Football is already boring on TV. Why spend money and go abroad to see even more of it? ;p

(Kidding, but only a little. xD)