Warm greetings to all new members of our Tribe :)

  • 26 April 2022
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Warm greetings to all new members of our Tribe :)
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Hi there!

Just a short note to welcome all new members of our Community :) 

We’re happy to have you with us and can’t wait to hear from you! 

During the last month we had 19 790 views! WOW!!! 


Drop a line and say HELLO! Tell us more about yourself, what you do for a living, what’s your professional background and any other info you’d like to share with us.

Already an active Community member? » tag a friend / customer / partner and invite them to chit chat. Just like that :) 

I’ll go first :) 👇


@Monika Welc

@Aleksandra Guidetti


5 replies

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Hey there 🙂

I’m Tanya from Customer Success team. 

In my free time I enjoy cooking, practicing photography and exploring the world 💫

I’m excited to work with all of you!


@Vladyslav Maliukin ✌🏻

@Karolina Kwiecien ✌🏻


Hi 🙂

I`m Monika i`m working as Junior Operations Specialist. 

In my free time I like reading books and watching films. 

I`m very happy to work with all of you!

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Hello 😊

I’m Karolina  from Customer Success team. 

I’m happy to work with such great people. 
In my free time I like to ride a bike, hike in the mountains and knit hats 🚴🌄


🏵️ @Pawel Michalek 

🏵️ @Roksana 

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I’m Paweł and I’m Business Analyst Manager :) 

When I'm not working I usually play volleyball 🏐 or spending my time with friends :) 

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Hello everyone! 😊

I’m Joanna and I’m from a Customer Success team too.

I love rock music, mountains (Tatra moutains are my biggest love), traveling, cooking and reading crimminal books.

My favourite writer is Henning Mankell, and yours? 😄