Can I improve my email with some advanced options?

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Yes, you can use some of these options to upgrade your e-mail:

  • Create dynamic email- you can make personalized content that relates to the interests of each contact to whom the message will be sent. Dynamic e-mails can automatically select products that for example the user has viewed. The product information is pulled from your store's XML file.

  • Create product’s frame in Drag&Drop Email Designer- that allows you to quickly and easily create responsive and professional message templates. In addition to personalizing such messages with information from the contact card, you can include recently viewed products by the user or products from an abandoned shopping cart to increase your sales results.

  • Create vidget frame with product selection- that allows you to select products for a dynamic email yourself. A regular product frame works by automatically placing products from an abandoned cart or a recent visit, depending on the type of recommendation you choose.

  • Create a template with the appropriate attributes that will pull the latest data from our entries. It will help you personalize your e-mails.

And many more options! Check it out by creating a demo account.

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