How to configure the sending account?

  • 11 February 2022
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How to configure the sending account? 

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SALESmanago system gives you a possibility to send emails after implementing an email marketing sending account.To be able to set up an sending account you need: 

  • The internal name of the sending account in the system.

  • E-mail, which will be displayed to the subscribers in the mail.

  • The name of the sender, which will be displayed on the recipient's inbox.

  • Reply to [E-mail] - e-mail address to which all replies will be sent.

  • Reply to [display name] - which is the name that will be visible when the customer decides to reply to the email.

  • Field: "Overwrite DO field" is optional. 

All mailing accounts created in SALESmanago must be mandatorily approved by the project owner to lift the mailing limit to 1000 contacts.

For a detailed description, please refer to the following article: