Is it possible to send a test of a dynamic email?

  • 15 November 2022
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How to run dynamic email tests with SALESmanago?

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Yes, it is. If you want to send a test of a dynamic email, e.g. following an abandoned cart, the easiest way to do it will be to go to the Automation Processes – Wizards – Abandoned Cart, select your abandoned cart email template and in the final settings use the email test option which allows you to send a test to your contact.

Alternatively, you can create a rule consisting of only an action named „Send email after abandoned cart”. In order to activate it for your contact, you need to first meet all the requirements for this campaign, i.e. have a cart event assigned to the contact card. Then, you need to go to the Manage contacts section (CDP – List of contacts – Manage contacts), enter your email address in the Select contacts field and select the appropriate action from the list, in this case → Run a rule. After selecting the rule from the list, check the run a chosen rule checkbox and click the Perform actions button. The entire process will be carried out in the background.