How do the automation rules work?

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Automation rules start automatically when an event is added. In this way, we can automate responses to specific contact behaviour on the website, but also off the website (e.g. clicking on a link in an email).


Automation rules can also be triggered manually for a specific contact or group of contacts at a given time in two ways:
- manually on the contact's card - under the 'rules and workflow' tab, it is possible to select a specific automation from the entire list of rules available in the account,
- from CDP -> Manage contacts - in this panel you can select a group of contacts, e.g. with a specific tag, and in the lower section of the page select "run a rule" and in the same way as before select the appropriate rule from the list.

Important: in both cases when rules are started manually, the checkbox "Check conditions" must be checked, because without selecting it, they will be skipped. 


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