How to personalize the content of e-mails with details and coupons?

  • 15 September 2022
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Description of how to personalize the content and the rules for creating coupons

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There are two possible ways to add coupons to the SALESmanago system:

Generating coupons directly in the system.

You are able to set up an action to generate coupons for a selected group of contacts in the SALESmanago system in the CDP -> Manage panel. During this process you are able to provide:

The name of the coupons - the name should not contain Polish characters and special marks.

Number of characters - you can set the number of characters of the generated coupon.

You can also set the time of expire of the coupon by entering the number of days when the SALESmanago system has been automatically deactivate the coupon.

After generating the coupons, we have the option to use these coupons as personalization in the content of mailings or on the web page. To add a coupon, use the following attribute $$, where instead of "coupon_name" enter the name of the group of coupons to be pulled into the personalized item.

Read more about email and web page personalization in the link below:

Importing your own discount coupons into system.

Generated coupons from your own platform with previously set up a specific validity and discount should be prepared accordingly in a file (in .xls or .xlsx format), which will be imported into SALESmanago system.

During the import you should set up:

Coupon limit alert - setting a notification informing about running out of coupons in the system. The notification comes in the form of an alert to the specified email address.

Coupons expiration date - setting the expiration date of generated coupons as the default (valid 365 days), or choosing their expiration date.

 An example of a correctly prepared file and instructions for importing contacts into SALESmanago can be found in the link below: