What do we gain by using Double Opt-In?

  • 23 December 2022
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Double opt-in is a system for adding newly acquired contacts to an e-mail list, we can have such a list in the system.
It involves collecting an email address via a registration form and sending a confirmation email to that address to verify contact information before adding it to the list.

Unlike the single consent system, where subscribers provide their e-mail address in the registration form and are immediately added to the e-mail list, the double consent system gives the possibility to check whether the given contact has knowingly registered, limiting the operation of bots.

What are the benefits of double opt-in?

The great advantage of using double consent is building a specific, real and conscious database of contacts.
Since subscribers have to confirm, you know that the people on your list really wanted to sign up. This should significantly affect the statistics of openings, clicks and engagement of these contacts.

A large number of spam reports and low message opening statistics significantly affect the domain's reputation.
Thanks to the use of DOI (Double Opt-In), we reduce the risk of such events, because decisive contacts show more activity and report fewer messages to SPAM.

Using double opt-in is also a great way to keep your email list organized. Thanks to this, contacts who will SPAM forms will not receive messages, and we will not send our messages to them, either manually through selectors or through automation.

It is much better to create a database focused on quality, not the number of contacts in it.

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