What is an iBeacon and how does it work?

  • 28 October 2022
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What is an iBeacon and how does it work?

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A small device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with other
beacons and mobile app. Marketers use it to send customers 1-to–1
messages (SMS, push notification) in brick and mortar stores, and to
advanced behavioral analytics. Thanks to beacons we can learn in which
areas of the brick and mortar store customer spent most time and compare
that with his purchases. If he spent a lot in the soap area, but didn’t buy any,
maybe we should send him an offer with soap?

Integration with iBeacon technology extends the ability to monitor the
behavior of potential and current customers with real-world interactions. The
use of beacons allows you to locate people very precisely within your facility,
service facility, shop or office or in its immediate vicinity. Equipment and
technological support is provided by the company

The iBeacons are nothing more than simple electronic devices placed in
specific places. They communicate with applications installed on mobile
devices using energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy.

They transmit 3 basic information:
1) Your own ID - thanks to which we can determine what kind of ibeacon it is
and where it is located
2) Signal strength - this allows you to determine the distance a person is at
from the device. In optimal conditions, the range reaches 70 meters.
3) An additional feature - most often used to group ibeacons.

The data generated in this way will be sent to SALESmango via a mobile
application, where it will be automatically interpreted and then used for
marketing and sales activities.

How do iBeacons from SALESmanago work?

The work of the new solution is extremely simple. When an identified user
appears with his/her phone within the range of the iBeacon to the
SALESmanago Marketing Automation system, the information about who and
at what distance from the given iBeacon is currently located is transmitted in
real time.

In SALESmanago Marketing Automation there is a user-defined list of
iBeacons with their assigned location. By combining information about which contact, when and how long it is on a particular device, we find out what it is interested in and when it appears in our facility or passes right next to it. Such data is collected on the contact
card of a particular person.

Examples of use

1) Automatic message after the customer's visit to the premises with a
discount on next purchases. With a discount depending on the transaction
and its value.

2) Notifications about overestimated products during a visit to the premises,
which he viewed but did not buy on the website

3) Automatic SMS or push messages when you enter a property with
promotions tailored to your full behavioural and transactional profile