Which SALESmanago functionalities are the most effective for B2B customers?

  • 9 August 2022
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Hello 😉

I have a question:

Which SALESmanago functionalities are the most effective for B2B customers? 

I will be grateful for the advices 😊

2 replies

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I'll give some of the best examples of how SALESmanago can be used in B2B.

Automation Processes. With automation processes, you can automate customer communication across channels, speed up the sales process, provide salespeople with ready-to-buy leads, and respond individually to contact behavior on the website.

CDP. The function supports the work of the sales department with extensive behavioral profiles of contacts, which are available on individual contact cards.

Lead Generation. One effective way to capture customer data is to display contact forms in pop-ups, landing pages, iframes and sidebars. Acquire new contacts that will be automatically tracked.

Segmentation. With segmentation, it is possible to automatically assign contacts to segments based on their interest, or based on the time they spend on the site.

Monitoring. With the implementation of monitoring code, you can monitor the behavior of leads on websites.

Scoring. Scoring allows you to assign points for each relevant activity of a contact.

Lead Nurturing. That is, programs to educate customers not ready to buy and automate sales campaigns.

Banners. Banners allow you to display personalized offers.

Campaigns and Funnels & Manage Leads. Marketing campaigns and sales funnels allow you to accurately track the flow of contacts through defined processes.

Live Chat. Live Chat is an easy-to-use tool whose primary function is real-time communication with the user visiting the website.

Alerts. The system allows you to send alerts with key information.

Notes. The system gives you the ability to create notes and tasks with email reminders.

You can also integrate with SMS gateway, here is the full list of supported SMS gateways:, or with Facebook and Twitter.

I want to highlight one of the Automation Processes - Website Automation. Good tool (if you set it up thoughtfully) to engage & capture the prospect when even not knowing who it is!