You want to set a pop up for a few days with a limited time offer. Is it possible to set it to turn off automatically at midnight?

  • 20 July 2022
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Yes, sure! If you want to set up a pop-up for days or hours, I can recommend you to use our Custom Modal Designer. 🏅

This is a tool that will help you hyper-personalize your site by creating advanced and highly customizable pop-ups. 💪


Go to the Lead Generation page, select the pop-up/exit pop-up tab, and the "create new" button. Then select the wizard: Custom Modal Designer.

You can create a simple pop-up with an image or an advanced one with a form - everything you need in one place! 😎

After editing comes the design part - you can choose, among other things, the position on the page, change the closing button, and even set animations.

Let's get to the point - settings. In the "Activation time" tab, there is an option "Display schedule" - select "Set a weekly display schedule". 

With this option, you can set your pop-up depending on the day and hour of the week. ⏲️📆

❗ Don’t forget to activate it!


I will show this with an example. Popup should be active only from Monday to Wednesday until the end of the day. So the settings should look like this:


❗️ Remember! If you don't turn off the pop-up after these days, it will be active from Monday to Wednesday next week. ❗️


💡 For more information, please visit our website:: 

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