How to integrate a sending account with EmailLabs?

  • 16 September 2022
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What should I do to be able to send emails from EmailLabs servers via SALESmanago?

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The first step to integrate your sending account with EmailLabs is to create your own mailing account in SALESmanago.

When creating your own mailing account, you will need to provide details such as:

Name – the account name that will be displayed in the system on relevant selection lists,

Email – the account email address from which mailings will be sent,
Displayed name – shown as ‘Sender’,

Reply to email (empty by default) – an optional address to which replies will be sent. This is an important field as all automated bounces (and there could be many of them) that result in delivery failures will be delivered to this address, while the ‘Reply-to’ field will receive emails where the recipient has clicked ‘Reply’ to your message. If you leave this field blank, replies will be sent to the address from which you send your messages,

Reply-to display name – shown in the ‘Reply-to’ field,

SMTP host – the address of your SMTP server,

SMTP port – the email port,

SMTP user – the name of the SMTP account user,

SMTP account password,

SALESmanago supports TLS and SSL coding, if you are using either, check the relevant option,

Authenticate – if one of the coding systems is used by the inbox you need to check this option,

Use SSL – if one of the coding systems is used by the inbox you need to check this option,

Shared – you can decide whether the account is to be shared with several users within your organization. Shared accounts can be used by other users. If you do not check this option, the sending account will be available only for the user to whom it has been added,

Proxy – when adding a mailing account you can activate the proxy mode.

Once you have created your own mailing account, in order to carry out the integration, you need to enter into the SALESmanago system the data that each customer receives when they create an account with EmailLabs: individual host name, login, password and the port to connect with.

The integration of the SALESmanago system with the EmailLabs infrastructure is extremely simple. It makes it possible to send messages from SALESmanago using the EmailLabs servers. However, please note that it is only possible to send one message to 1,000 contacts at a time using an external SMTP server (the so-called own sending account). This limit cannot be changed.