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  • 2 August 2022
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Dear Community,

we’re currently in the process of integration Salesmanago with Salesforce (used for Lead, Contact, Account and Campaign Management). 

Is there someone out there who already walked that path and is open to share some information on your findings / ways you work with both systems? 


It would be great if we could avoid some of the mistakes someone else already made and we’re happy to share our experience as well. 

The current plan for the integration

SM Contact → SF Lead:
We will drop over new contacts that need qualification by Sales to become converted to a Contact. Once converted into a contact, the synchronisation between SM and SF get’s started.


SM Contact ↔  SF Contact:

We synch both, as soon as certain conditions are fulfilled. E.g. Opt-In exists (otherwise no need for the data in SM?). For some fields / properties Salesforce is leading and Salesmanago only consuming. For others both systems can send updates, since e.g. marketing relevant preferences can be changed in the SM preference center and also by a Sales employee who might have a contact on the phone and update preferences while talking to the customer.


SF Campaigns → SM Tags

We want to integrate SF Campaigns into SM Tags. What’s missing in SM is the Campaign status that we’re able to use in SF. 

1 reply

Hi! 😊

We will try to help you, but for that we need to discuss it internally. I'll be back with information as soon as possible 😊