What ready-made plugins are available in SALESmanago?

  • 11 February 2022
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What ready-made plugins are available in SALESmanago?

3 replies

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The SALESmanago system gives you the opportunity to integrate with external platforms due to a ready-made plugins that allow configure a connection and set up a flow of the data to the SALESmanago system. 

It is possible to transfer not only the email addresses, but also the events such as: adding a product to the basket, purchase, etc.


Plugin integration consists of installation and providing basic, authorization information to effectively connect the systems.

See the list of available integrations:


You can also find the EN version of the above article here:

I think you’ll be interested in our soon-to-be-launched feature - the integration center, with the aim to make the process more user friendly, accessible and complete, while optimizing productivity, this module includes a modern library, connecting you to all possible integrations. Stay on top of all of our upcoming features and roadmap over here: 😊