eCommerce funnel

  • 31 March 2022
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Let me start by mentioning that I've only been with you for a short time, so I'm not too familiar with the system. I am referring to the eCommerce funnel. I have read the tooltip and understand how it works. Nevertheless, I am not sure if the data is displaying correctly. The number of purchases is much larger than the carts. It's normal that to make a purchase first someone has to add products to the cart, so how does it work in this case?

1 reply

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Hi Ian!

Since you’ve only been with us for a short time, you’ve probably just integrated.

If you integrate via a plugin or API then you can upload historical transactions along with your contacts - for this reason the chart will initially look the way you described. With time, more and more shopping cart events will be sent and the chart will start to balance out.

Good luck :)